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Updating your TORO Integrate instance

Modified on: Thu, 20 Sep, 2018 at 5:02 PM

Export your package

Before anything else, we want our current work not to be deleted during reinstallation. Export your packages.

Make a backup of properties you changed

To make sure your new installation is running the same configuration as your old one. The properties file is located in conf folder in where you installed TORO Integrate.
If you have jdbc connection pools in your old version, make a copy of that too.

Install the new version

Once you ensured you made necessary backups, delete or uninstall the old version. It is suggested to rename the old installation folder and install the new one before
deleting it completely.

Done, what's next?

Once the installation has finished, replace toro-integrate.properties with your old properties file from the previous installation. If you have jdbc connection pools from

previous installation, replace the folder conf/jdbc-pool with the jdbc-pool folder you backed up.

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