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How do i update my TORO Integrate subscription license?

Modified on: Mon, 17 Sep, 2018 at 4:29 PM

Basic troubleshooting for license installation:

If you have been issued a new license upon expiration:

  1. Restart your TORO Integrate instance (if it's running).
  2. On startup, it should sync and install the license for you automatically

If the error still persists

If you are still shown an error message and have been issued a new license, you should be able to see a link that says "Install your license manually". Once redirected a sync button should be on the page where you are redirected.

If that still did not work, you might have to check if your network allows TORO Integrate to send callbacks to my.torocloud.com. In this case, you have to manually copy the license from your ECC account and manually update your TORO Integrate license by pasting your license manually in the page mentioned earlier.

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