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I have a Gloop model that contains multiple properties and one of it was a Gloop model array. I want every index of the Gloop model array to have the properties from another Gloop model array.

This sounds like a job for the Iterate Step. To get the general idea of iterating over an array and mapping it to another Gloop model array, let's create a simple service

Step 1.

In your created service, declare a new Gloop Model array in the input and output section of Input/Output View:

Step 2.

In your Gloop step editor, add a new  Iterate Step. To make it easier, use the content assist feature and search for iterate over array which will help you setup which array it will iterate from and which array it will map the output to. At this point, your service should look like this:

Step 3.

The next step will be adding the Map step. This will allow you to select which properties to map from inputArray to outputArray.

After this step, you can now run the service, populate the input and see the result of your mapping in Show model output