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After 5 years of development and several iterations of early release candidates we are very proud to announce Martini v1. 

With Martini we have had the opportunity to take a fresh approach to application integration and design within a context of RESTful APIs, SaaS applications, mobile, JSON, YAML, machine learning, and big data. We have also been able to bring this fresh approach across to the traditional domain of enterprise application integration, on which enterprise often rely, including legacy systems, flat files, message queues, SOAP, XML, email and FTP.

Martini is a low-code integration platform that makes developers significantly more productive and eliminates the repetitive cookie cutter integration functions of manual coding. With Martini, developers will be not only be integrating faster but the result will be an API centric application that is more manageable for any developer tasked with updating the application in the future.

Martini is available as a Desktop Edition or a cloud-based service in Martini Online. A Martini Runtime is also available for self-managed deployments to on-premise servers or public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

TORO Cloud's philosophy is to make enterprise class solutions more accessible to enterprises of any size. 

I invite you to try Martini by downloading the Free Desktop Edition or by signing up to a 30 day trial of Martini Online.